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✨ Kaja ✨

✨ Kaja ✨

Jun 6, 2024 7:13 AM
Therapeutic Services
“The processes here are smooth, easy, and professional. I have the luxury of being comfortable in sweatpants while doing a job I love and balancing family life.”

Hi Kaja! Could you introduce yourself?

I'm Kaja, a Senior Psychological Supervisor. My cool title essentially involves ensuring that our psychological coaches can do their work effectively and achieve the desired outcomes.

How did you join HelloBetter?

Serendipity 🙂  HelloBetter came to me after emerging from the Department of Clinical Psychology at my university. I wrote my master's thesis about the revision and evaluation of an online course for women with vaginismus. Today, this is our HelloBetter Vaginismus-Plus course.

Oh wow, I didn't know that! Every time I read the patient feedback from our vaginismus course, I'm amazed by how much it improves people's lives.

It truly is Charlotte’s and my baby. We were so happy to have it redesigned and improved constantly, have it translated in English and hit the US market and thus help closing the Gender Health Gap. One in five women experiences pain during penetrative sex at some point in their lives. It takes years (!) to receive the correct diagnosis, not to mention the appropriate treatment. We have guided women who have wished to become mothers for years, and by the end of our course, they were able to sleep with their partners for the very first time. It is truly a matter close to my heart to focus on female pleasure and empowerment as well as to break down stigma and shame.

How has your role evolved then since you joined HelloBetter?

I began providing feedback on a platform likely developed in the 1990s for only a few people. Then, when Covid hit, my role expanded to provide support for people over the phone and internet. Now, my responsibilities include conducting job interviews with potential coaches, managing their onboarding process, communicating with other teams, consistently enhancing our manuals, and reviewing possibly thousands of written feedback annually.
HelloBetter team in three words: Favourite fun fellows ❣️
HelloBetter theme song? “A Little Better” by Gnarls Barkley

What’s one thing you’ve learned that you didn’t expect when you joined?

That I love working in a startup culture. Coming from a psychological background, I was accustomed to a clinical environment. For many years, I envisioned myself working in hospitals and strict hierarchies, possibly wearing a doctor’s coat or situated in a room with two black lounge chairs.

What do you love about HelloBetter’s startup culture?

The processes here are smooth, easy, and professional. I have the luxury of being comfortable in sweatpants while doing a job I love and balancing family life. But the real highlight is the people and the encouragement to connect. This might sound cheesy, but even if the company was doing the same great work, the experience wouldn't be as fulfilling without Lara, Charlotte, and the rest of the team.

It’s all about the team ❤️ Do you have a favourite team ritual?

On Wednesdays, we hold our "Weather Report" which is a time to catch up on everyone's personal life. I enjoy hearing about Fiona's Harry Potter adventures, Lara's latest bike gear, and Tobi's culinary experiments.

Was there a moment when the HelloBetter team truly impressed you with their collaboration and teamwork?

When the Flood-Hotline was established in 2021, it felt like we had a plan, a network, and everyone knew what to do within a day.
What would you tell someone considering a career in your team? In the Therapeutic Services team, we work with people, not numbers.

Share a piece of advice you wish someone had given you when you started at HelloBetter.

Make sure to check in with the people around you. They might not be doing as well as they seem.

What’s a skill or talent you wish you had, but haven’t had the chance to develop yet?

After completing my training in CBT-psychotherapy, I am eager to pursue additional qualifications and training. I am particularly interested in Sexual Therapy and Couple's Counseling. I'm also intrigued by EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), which has proven effective for individuals suffering from post-traumatic stress disorders. I would also like to explore other methodologies such as EFT, CBASP, and ACT… every abbreviation you can think of holds a incredibly amount of knowledge I would like to carry in my brain.

If you could switch roles with anyone in the HelloBetter team for a day, who would it be and why?

Hanne. I would be so cool and confident and professional.

So true! How does your work schedule look like?

I am always on the go. My days are filled with commuting between my desk, the institute, seeing my patients, going home for meetings, the office, and occasionally kindergarten. Without HelloBetter, juggling my psychotherapy training, a job, and a family would be impossible, and I am incredibly grateful for that.
Your favourite way to unwind? Yoga, climbing or bouldering, a session of Beat81 or a Cynar Sour.
Your talent at the HelloBetter talent show? 1. fast typewriting 2. water bottle chugging

You commute a lot. What kind of workspace would help you through your workday?

Baked goods are essential. I find joy and self-care in baking. Once, Annika B. complimented my homemade cinnamon knots, saying they tasted better than those from Cinnamood. That warmed my heart!

I haven’t encountered your cinnamon knots in the office, yet. hint hint Do you have a favourite office snack?

Oh they have seen the office but I’l make sure to take them there again! Strangely, I like purple Balisto. I would also likely gain 10lbs if I started going to the office more regularly.

You’re counting in lbs?

Oh no! But our official company language is British English, so I had to get used to this …

Learning something new every day! What is your favorite slack channel?

#hellomemes is the only right answer here:

Who should I interview next in your opinion and why?

I would like to read about you and Korea!? And maybe someone from our Engineering team! Their work is such a black box to me.

Thank you for your time Kaja! It was a pleasure!

This glimpse into Kaja journey is just one example of the diverse and talented individuals who make up our HelloBetter team. Stay tuned for more employee spotlights, and consider joining us on our exciting journey!


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