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✨ Yixuan ✨

✨ Yixuan ✨

Jun 3, 2024 2:56 PM
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“In my previous jobs, I focused mainly on delivering factual information. Here, I’ve discovered that connecting on a personal level is key. This emotional bond fosters trust and makes our digital health solutions resonate deeply🌟.

Hi Yixuan! Who are you and what do you do at HelloBetter?

Hello! 你好👋 My name is Yixuan (pronounced Ishuan—think "Ish-won," like I (Ich) just won a game 🎉). At HelloBetter, I'm a Senior Sales Manager, mainly working in the field. I visit doctors in my region, acting as their dedicated partner for all things related to digital health applications. I'm their go-to expert, offering both factual insights 📊 and emotional connections 💖 to spark enthusiasm for HelloBetter's digital therapeutics. My mission is to make sure they see HelloBetter as an essential part of their mental health toolkit.

How did you join HelloBetter?

I joined HelloBetter in 2022 after challenging periods as a management consultant and a Key Account Manager at a major FMCG company. These roles strained my mental well-being and led me to seek a job with more purpose. I wanted to use my sales and persuasion skills to make a meaningful impact 🌟. After facing my own struggles, I recognized the importance of mental health. When I found HelloBetter, the compelling slogan immediately drew me in 🌐. It felt like the perfect fit to combine my expertise with a mission to make the world better.

I vividly remember your second interview—especially the bubble tea you brought! It was a memorable touch, though it didn't sway our hiring decision, of course :) Is this one of your sales strategies?

In China, we joke that bubble tea 🧋 flows through our veins instead of blood! So, of course, I had to let you experience that in my interview! Bringing bubble tea was my way of sharing a bit of my culture and making our meeting memorable. It wasn’t exactly a sales strategy, but who knew that a delicious cup of bubble tea could break the ice so effectively? 😄🍹

What’s one thing you’ve learned here that you didn’t expect when you joined?

One surprising thing I’ve learned at HelloBetter is the importance of building an emotional connection with doctors ❤️. In my previous jobs, I focused mainly on delivering factual information 📊. Here, I’ve discovered that connecting on a personal level is key. This emotional bond fosters trust and makes our digital health solutions resonate deeply 🌟. Understanding their challenges and genuinely caring about their needs helps us form lasting partnerships that go beyond business. This has reshaped my view of effective sales and client relationships.
HelloBetter in 3 words? Expertise, Fun, People-focused 😊

What’s your favourite aspect of working at HelloBetter?

My favourite aspect of working at HelloBetter is the profound sense of purpose 🌟. Every day, I know that our work is making a real difference in people's mental health. This deep commitment to improving lives makes my role incredibly fulfilling and motivates me to give my best.

Do you have an accomplishment you're particularly proud of at HelloBetter?

One of my proudest achievements at HelloBetter was driving > 70% growth in my region from January to May 2024 📈. This success came from not only building strong, trusting relationships with doctors 🤝 but also using data to identify key opportunities and strategically plan my approach. By understanding each doctor's unique needs and showing how our digital health solutions could seamlessly fit into their practices, we achieved significant results. It was incredibly rewarding to see the positive impact on our growth and their ability to support patients' mental health 🌟.

As a field sales manager, what does your work schedule look like?

My work schedule is quite flexible and varies from day to day. Some days, I work from home office, focusing on tasks like letters and mailings 🏠📬. But most days, I’m on the go, traveling within my region to visit different doctors and make their day a little brighter 😊🚗.

Do you have a fun story for us from your visits?

One of my funniest moments at HelloBetter happened during a deep chat with a doctor just before lunch. We were so engrossed in our conversation that we didn't notice the medical staff had gone to lunch and locked us inside the practice! 😲🔒 Without keys, the doctor had to climb out the window to fetch them from his car 🚗. Watching him do his "escape artist" act was priceless 😂. Despite the drama, it was one of the best conversations I've had, and I’ll never forget that adventure!
Favourite quote or mantra? "Brave people aren't those who fear nothing, but those who conquer their own fears" 💪
Favorite slack channel? #hello_catto-kitty 🐱. There's nothing like seeing cute and lazy cat images to help me unwind.

If you could switch roles with anyone in the HelloBetter team for a day, who would it be and why?

I’d love to shadow Hanne, our Chief Commercial Officer, for a day 👟. Hanne oversees and integrates many key areas, from building partnerships to medical marketing and organising CME events and much more. Watching how she brings all these elements together to create a cohesive strategy would give me valuable insights into the broader commercial landscape 📈.

With being on the road so much, what supports your work-life balance?

HelloBetter supports my work-life balance by giving me full autonomy and trust from my manager Christoph 🙌. There’s no micromanagement; I have the freedom to plan my days to meet our goals. Some days, I'm on the go, visiting multiple practices back-to-back 🏃‍♂️, but other days, I can enjoy a relaxed coffee break between visits ☕. This flexibility makes my work both productive and enjoyable.

What's your preferred way of travel in your region?

My second home, my ideal workspace —my company car 🚗. On my way to visit my favourite doctor, it’s equipped with everything I need to stay productive and connected, all while enjoying the flexibility of the open road.

I imagine great karaoke sessions between visits! What do you usually listen to while driving?

I have a strong Christian faith, so I often listen to Christian music that gives me strength for my daily work 🙏🎶. It uplifts my spirit and keeps me focused. I also enjoy listening to Chinese pop music 🎧—it’s a great way to stay connected to my roots and brings a lively vibe to my workday.

If HelloBetter hosted a talent show, would you be singing?

Yes! I would be singing opera 🎤. When I moved from China to Germany at 10 years old, I joined the children’s opera at the Hamburg State Opera 🎭. It was a fun and effective way to learn German, and I’ve been hooked on opera ever since! Who knew that belting out arias would be such a great way to pick up Deutsch? 😄🇩🇪

What are the most important items in your work car?

Top 4 Must-Haves in my work car: Gum 🍬: Fresh breath for all those important client meetings. Business Cards 💼: Always ready to network and leave a lasting impression. Lipstick 💄: Quick touch-ups for looking polished and confident on the go. Lucky Charm 🐥: Whether it’s a guardian angel or a cute chick, a little good luck never hurts!

Oh, cute! Does your lucky charm have a name?

His name is “Clear Path Chick”. It's crucial that she's involved and supports the clear path because otherwise, things like this can quickly happen 😅:

If HelloBetter were an animal, would it also be a lucky charm chick?

It would be a cat 🐱. We’re smart and navigate challenges with grace. Like a cat that boosts its owner’s mood, we enhance mental well-being of our patients. Plus, when it’s time to celebrate, we know how to turn up the fun and party like it’s a catnip fiesta 🎉😸. So, we’re a mix of wisdom, comfort, and a dash of playful mischief!

A catnip fiesta! What has been your favourite team event so far?

My favorite team event was our amazing business development boat tour on the Havel 🚤. We cruised along the river, enjoying a delicious onboard barbecue 🍖🔥 and lots of laughter. The beautiful scenery and great vibes made it a day to remember 😄☀️.
Photo taken by Petra <3
Photo taken by Petra <3

Thank you so much Yixuan, great to get so many insights from you! Who should I interview next?

You should definitely interview my buddy in the Service Team, Linda 💬. After we’ve informed doctors about our products, she and her team handle all the patient support questions 🤝. It’s crucial to see both sides—sales and support—to understand how we ensure the best experience for everyone involved. Linda's insights are key! 🌟

Yixuan is one of our awesome eight field sales managers. If you want to know more about the rest of our sales team, check out their team page! If you’re thinking about joining us, take a peek at our open positions—we’d love to have you on board!

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