Travel policy

Travel policy

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This policy provides clarity for HelloBetter team members how they can get reimbursed for reasonable and necessary expenses incurred during work-related travel. Reimbursement is allowed only when reimbursement has not been, and will not be, received from other sources.

Business travel policies are aligned with company reimbursement rules. All business-related travel paid with HelloBetter funds must comply with company expenditure policies.


Best interest of the company

Employees seeking reimbursement should choose the lowest reasonable travel expenses with low environmental impact. If a circumstance arises that is not specifically covered in this travel policy, please do what you think is best for the interests of our organisation.

Ask yourself "If I had to stand in front of the management/board/investors and explain why I spent company money on x, could I comfortably justify it? Would I feel sheepish/embarrassed/defensive?"

Also consider this:

  • Use price-comparison sites where possible, take some time to consider utility and value.
  • Book as far in advance as is reasonable
  • Use BahnCard
  • When does it make sense to get a company paid BahnCard in Germany?

If in doubt, speak to your supervisor or COO.
Authorisation and responsibility

Travels must be pre-authorised by agreement (e.g. they are part of your job description) or individually approved by supervisor. Team members should verify that planned travel is eligible for reimbursement before making travel arrangements. Within 14 days of completion of a trip, the traveller must submit a reimbursement request via Reimbursement () with invoices to obtain reimbursement of expenses.

Finance will review expenditures and withhold reimbursement if there is reason to believe that the expenditures are inappropriate or extravagant.

Personal funds

Travellers should review reimbursement guidelines before spending personal funds for business travel to determine if such expenses are reimbursable. HelloBetter reserves the right to deny reimbursement of travel-related expenses for failure to comply with policies and procedures.

Travellers who use personal funds to facilitate travel arrangements will not be reimbursed until after the trip occurs and proper documentation is submitted.

For regular trips, we will issue personal credit cards to spare your private funds!


Occasionally it may be necessary for travellers to request exceptions. Please approved by the supervisor and/or COO.

Requirements for invoices

In any invoice you get, you should make sure that “GET.ON Institut für Online Gesundheitstrainings GmbH” is referenced correctly as the recipient (even if you pay up first and reimburse later).

While this is a recommendation for every invoice, it is a must for those above 250€ (independent whether HelloBetter pays the invoice directly or reimburses you). The complete address would be:

GET.ON Institut für Online Gesundheitstrainings GmbH Schrammsweg 11 20249 Hamburg

Travel Expenses/Procedures

Permissible prepaid travel expenses

Before the travel, HelloBetter may issue prepayments:

  • Rail transportation. Traveling by train within Germany is the preferred transportation form (2nd class).
  • Conference registration fees. Conference registration fees can be prepaid through HelloBetter.
  • Rental vehicles. HelloBetter will pay for approved use of a rental vehicle. See the section on reimbursements below in this section.
  • Airfare. Employees are expected to use transportation with low environmental impact. If the travel requires airfare due to distance etc. travellers should choose the lowest available airfare that reasonably meets the travel needs. Airfare may be prepaid by HelloBetter.
  • Frequent travellers. Employees may receive a personal expanse card (virtual and/or physical), BahnCard50 or a BahnCard100 if reasonable.
  • Per Diem (Germany) allowance. Applicable current per diem allowance is paid via Reimbursement tool.
Expenses associated with the travel must be reconciled and substantiated within 14 days of the return date. Late reimbursement requests will not be be approved/paid.

Requests for reimbursements of travel-related expenses are submitted via our reimbursement platform only.

Expenses associated with the travel must be reconciled and substantiated within 14 days of the return date. Late reimbursement requests will not be be approved/paid.

Reimbursement of travel expenses is based on documentation of reasonable and actual expenses supported by the original, itemised receipts where required. Reimbursements that may be paid by HelloBetter are shown below:

  • Airfare. If the airfare was not prepaid by the business office, an original itemised airline receipt, an e-ticket receipt/statement or an Internet receipt/statement is required. The receipt must show the method of payment and indicate that payment was made.
    • In case of longer distance flights: If you have a critical meeting and need to guarantee a good working environment or night of sleep, business class travel may be justifiable. Otherwise, it probably isn't.
  • Rail transportation. If rail transportation was not prepaid by HelloBetter, an original itemised receipt, original e-ticket receipt/statement or Internet receipt/statement is required. The receipt must show the method of payment and indicate that payment was made.
    • HelloBetter only reimburses 1st class tickets if the ticket price equals or is less than a 2nd class ticket.
    • 🚆
      Deutsche Bahn changed their tickets. While up until a few weeks ago, the VAT was mentioned on the actual ticket, this is not the case anymore. This means that for each ticket, especially eTickets, you get a seperate invoice now. For us to reimburse your tickets, we need this seperate invoice with our GET.ON address on it. We kindly ask you to make sure that you book your business trips with the invoice address of GET.ON!
  • Rental vehicles. Reimbursement for a commercial rental vehicle as a primary mode of transportation is authorised only if the rental vehicle is more economical than any other type of public transportation, or if the destination is not otherwise accessible. Vehicle rental at a destination city is reimbursable. Original receipts are required.
  • HelloBetter authorises reimbursement for the most economic vehicle available. In certain circumstances, larger vehicles may be rented, if it reasonably makes sense. The rental agreement must clearly show the date and the points of departure/arrival, as well as the total cost. Drivers must adhere to the rental requirements, and restrictions must be followed. Original receipts are required.

    Travellers are strongly encouraged to fill the gas tank before returning the vehicle to the rental agency to avoid service fees and more expensive fuel rates.

    Traffic violations incurred during travel will not be reimbursed and have to be paid by the traveller.
  • Private car for business trip. In case you use your private car for a business trip, you can request reimbursement of mileage allowance within our reimbursement tool. It is not allowed to hand in fuel receipts for the use of private cars.
  • Conference registration fees. If the conference fee was not prepaid, HelloBetter will reimburse your ticket. Original receipts to support the payment are required. If the conference does not provide a receipt, credit card slip/statement or documentation that the amount was paid is required for reimbursement.
  • Registration fees paid directly by an individual will not be reimbursed until the conference is completed.

  • Accommodation. HelloBetter will reimburse lodging expenses at reasonable, single occupancy or standard business room rates. When the hotel or motel is the conference or convention site, reimbursement will be limited to the conference rate.
  • Only single room rates are authorised for payment or reimbursement unless the second party is representing the agency in an authorised capacity. If the lodging receipt shows more than a single occupancy, the single room rate must be noted. If reimbursement for more than the single room rate is requested, the name of the second person must be included.

    • We try to stay under 100 Euro/night and prefer hotels such as MotelOne.
    • We use as a price-comparison site.
    • In case nightly rate exceeds 150 Eur, please get approval by supervisor and/or COO.
  • Business expenses. Business expenses, including faxes, photocopies, Internet charges, data ports, and dinners incurred while on travel status, can be reimbursed. Original itemised receipts are required.
    • Dinner: In case you have dinner with a customer and/or partner, you need to provide a hospitality receipt (”Bewirtungsbeleg”) with the names of all attendees listed on it.
  • Public transport. Original receipts/ tickets are required for subway, metro and other modes of transportation.
    • Uber/ Taxi from train station/ airport <> office/ home is allowed before 7am and after 8pm as well as when public transportation is not available, unsafe or takes a considerably longer time. We also recommend using car & ride-sharing such options such as MOIA, Sixt, Uber etc.
    • After successful upload of receipts to reimbursement tool, no need to retain them in original
  • Per diem. Depending on the location and time of your travel, HelloBetter will pay per diem allowances.
    • Any meal paid by HelloBetter (e.g. breakfast is included in accommodation, lunch/ dinner is provided during a training) needs to be subtracted within our Reimbursement tool.
    • You can alternatively get per diem reimbursed through personal tax return.
    • Per diem allowance does not apply for travel between Hamburg & Berlin offices.
    • Per diem values for hotel is excluded, only actual Hotel receipts are reimbursed.
Expenses associated with the travel must be reconciled and substantiated within 14 days of the return date. Late reimbursement requests will not be be approved/paid.

🍔🎁 Entertainments, food, gifts

Please fill in and submit below form for entertainment, food or gift receipts.

Afterwards you will receive an email. Please print that email as PDF and attach it as second receipt to your reimbursement or credit card payment.

The gift form is not needed for internal birthday gifts. For internal birthday gifts please provide the first and last name of the recipient in Moss (including the note “birthday gift”).

🍔 entertainments, food (internal, external)

🎁 gifts (internal, external)