Data Team

📸 Team Snapshot

Team Mission

At HelloBetter, we foster a thriving culture around data. We encourage data-informed decision making with advanced analytics. We employ cutting-edge machine learning technologies to build new and innovative product features. We develop predictive models that empower mental health professionals and organisations to deliver personalized and effective care. We deliver actionable insights to our different departments. We want to be thought leaders when it comes to the future of Digital Therapeutics. And of course we want to do it all of it on top of a modern, scalable and robust data infrastructure.

Our multidisciplinary Data team therefore consists of Data Engineers, Data Scientists, Machine Learning engineers and Data Analysts. Together, we are dedicated to creating innovative data solutions that are used across HelloBetter.

Core Responsibilities

  • Data Architecture & Infrastructure Management
  • Data Integration, Pipeline & ELT
  • Reporting, Insights Generation & Stakeholder Collaboration
  • Predictive Model & AI Product Development & Deployment

Special Technologies: Python, Airflow, Docker, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Scikit-Learn, MLFlow, langchain, dbt, Metabase, and much more 👩🏻‍💻👨🏻‍💻

Team Structure

Team Size: 6


  • Data Engineering: Building and maintain our data infrastructure and ELT process.
  • Data Analytics: Transforming our raw data into analytics and insights for our different teams.
  • Machine Learning Engineering / Data Science: Building and maintaining our various predictive models, ML pipelines and other AI projects.

💞 Team Dynamics

How We Collaborate

As a small, but powerful Data team, we report directly to HelloBetter’s CTO. Each of our sub-teams is almost entirely self-organised, setting their own goals and priorities in regular alignment with everyone else.

Collaboration Tools

HelloBetter is a remote-first organisation, and our Data team is also distributed across Germany. Some of us live and work in Berlin, while others choose to roam the countryside in their camper van. We therefore make a point to keep in touch and communicate often; our primary collaboration tools are Google Meet, Slack, Jira and Confluence.

  • We use Google Meet for our regular team meetings, Jour Fixes and othr check-ins. We sometimes also just hang out in a Meet, have brainstorming sessions or work alongside each other digitally.
  • Slack is our go-to tool for real-time communication. We have a main team channel where we regularly share updates about we are working on, as well as questions and tips. We also have dedicated channels e.g. only for our Data Scientists, channels for automated monitoring of projects that are in production, or channels where our Data Analysts discuss projects with our different departments.
  • As many Tech organisations do, we use Jira to plan our work in the form of tickets, and Confluence for our official documentation. Our Data space has lots of information on how we work, style guides, project exploration, architecture documentation and much more.

Meeting Cadence


On Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, our entire team meets virtually to have a brief update to talk about how everyone is doing, discuss current projects, priorities and roadblocks. On days where we don’t meet with our CTO Amit (Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays), we post our updates and daily plans on Slack to keep him informed and involved.

We also have ad-hoc meetings whenever the need arises, e.g. to brainstorm ideas or to onboard a new project.

In addition to our virtual meetings, we also have a bi-monthly physical meet-up at the Berlin office, typically on a Thursday – we call this our “Data Team Day” (creative, we know). We use this time for general discussions and topics that are nicer to talk about in person, but also as an opportunity to connect socially.

Core Values

In the Data team, we value both our professional and social relationships. We want to of course contribute to HelloBetter’s overall success, but we also want to grow as people on the way. That is why we communicate with honesty and empathy, we respect our differences as well as our shared interests, and we are always ready to learn from each other. And of course we don’t forget to have fun either!

Fun Facts and Team Bonding


Team Building Activities

  • We have a lot of sporty colleagues, so we often enjoy heading out together after work for an indoor cycling or other sports class 🚴🏼
  • We make a point of giving everyone a thoughtful birthday gift from the entire team – although sometimes that works out better than other times 🎁
  • Since we don’t all live in the same place, we make a point to spend social time together – whether that’s a virtual coffee or a BBQ & sleepover at a colleague’s house 🔥
  • We appreciate good food and plan where to eat very meticulously – 83% of us love Italian food 🍕
  • After our Data Team Days, we usually wind down with a casual catch-up over beers after work – wrapping up just in time for Stephan and Vincent to catch their train 🚂

Fun Facts

  • 50% (3/6) of the team members are musicians: Ludwig plays the keys, Sana plays the bass guitar, and Yannick DJs 🎶

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