MindFit Team

📸 Team Snapshot

Team Mission

The mission of the MindFIT team is to transform mental health care into an engaging, personalised journey! We're here to create a dynamic digital therapeutic product that adapts to each user's unique journey, providing timely and effective interventions. By harnessing cutting-edge technology and innovative therapeutic approaches, we aim to make mental well-being accessible, enjoyable, and impactful for everyone.

Team Structure

The MindFIT team leverages a multidisciplinary and cross-functional approach, ensuring comprehensive expertise across various domains. The team is divided into core and support groups.

Team Size: as of July 2024, 9 people work in the core team and over 10 people in the support team.

Roles in the Core Team

Paul Sr. Lead Product Manager
Gizem Product Designer
Ian Sr. Backend Software Engineer
Stephan Sr. Data Engineer
Juliane Sr. Psychotherapist
Peter Digital Health Researcher
Ludwig Data Scientist
Sana ML Engineer
Tommaso Sr. Research Project Manager

Key Skills: We're a cross-functional team with a great mix of expertises! Technical expertise, data and machine learning, research and psychotherapy, service design, user experience, product design & management, and much more!

Special Technologies: CBT, Transdiagnostic, Symptom Networks, UX/UI design, Machine Learning, Transformer Encoder Architectures, Vector Databases, Typescript, Fastify, MongoDB, Python.

💞 Team Dynamics

Collaboration Tools

Confluence, Jira, Slack, Google Meet, Miro, Figma

Core Values

Empathy, Inclusivity, User-Centricity, Innovation, Science-Based, Execution, Impact

Fun Facts

  • Between us, we speak 8 different languages: German, French, English, Japanese, Italian, Arabic, Russian, Turkish and a few programming languages too (Java Script, Python, C++, SQL…)
  • Some of our favourite dishes: Tonkatsu, spaghetti al pomodoro, ragù, miso soup, tunisian couscous, curries, Spinatknödel