Job Crafting

Job Crafting

Jan 24, 2023 10:45 AM
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HelloBetter encourages employees to design and adapt their work themselves in the sense of job crafting. Through job crafting, not only can work performance be increased, but more importantly, job satisfaction can be significantly improved. No job is 100% perfect. Many employees think they have to find the ideal job, the perfect employer and the all-around happy environment right away. However, this is a misconception, because jobs and we ourselves are constantly evolving. What fits at the beginning does not necessarily make you happy in the long run. But even a job that currently frustrates you doesn't have to be thrown out right away. You can proactively shape and change it.

There are different types of job-crafting that can affect yours in different ways:

✍️ Crafting of your tasks

This refers to the type, scope, sequence, or number of tasks that make up your job. Perhaps by adding tasks, taking on a new role, or job rotation. But it can also be about reducing tasks.

👥 Crafting of your relationships

You might ask yourself: Are there people in the company you would like to learn from? Is there someone you'd like to get to know? What might be joint projects where it makes sense for the two of you to work together that would impact your work experience?

🧠 Cognitive crafting

Change the way you interpret the tasks or the work you do. It is difficult to look for meaning in a job. It's much easier to give it meaning ourselves. Instead of feeling like a cog in a wheel, we reinterpret the value of our work. This can give you a deeper sense of motivation and fulfillment.

Answering these questions can be a good first step:

1️⃣ What are tasks that you particularly enjoy and would do more of?

2️⃣ Which tasks would you like to do less of?

3️⃣ In which activities do you need more support and from whom?

4️⃣ Who inspires you? What can you learn from these people?

5️⃣ Who would you like to work with more often?

6️⃣ Is it about setting boundaries (task-related, time-related), e.g., reducing work hours (or increasing them).

7️⃣ How does your work serve a larger purpose beyond just the job description? And is it one you believe in and want to support?

8️⃣ What are your values? How can you reconcile those with the job?

9️⃣ What are your strengths and weaknesses?

How to?: If you are interested in trying out job crafting, and perhaps already have some initial ideas, then feel free to talk to your team lead about it and consider together how your ideas can be implemented.