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Welcome to our Content & Research Team Space at HelloBetter!
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🤗 About us

Who wrote these informative, clever and empathetic blog articles? Why do users feel so understood and validated? Where do all these great scientific insights come from?”  …I hear you ask. Well…welcome to the team who created all this amazing content and research!

The Content & Research Team assembles incredibly talented individuals, who are empowered to put their best work into the hands of thousands of people with mental health problems.

🧠 How We Think & Work

We look for small changes and big impacts. Words, decimals, frame rates, image composition, sound waves, bits and bytes - all of the seemingly small things matter to us. Sometimes it’s just one term, one more subgroup analysis that makes a big impact. We are in for the details and the nitty-gritty. We really want to understand things at the core and put a lot of effort into choosing the right words to transport our messages.

We’re scientific, digital, but above all human. We are humans and we create content for humans - just like us. We all have mental health. It’s never “them” vs “us”. It’s always: We as human beings. The psychological knowledge that we have and continually try to gain is not something that we teach from above, but enriches our own everyday lives. Our goal is to improve the mental health of as many people as possible with scientifically proven and as far as possible personally tested strategies.

We are all geeks at heart. Whether it’s our love for linear mixed models with multiply imputed data sets, storytelling, risk management, camera settings or mindfulness hacks. As a team, we aim to be both generalists (highly skilled at a broad set of valuable things), but also experts within a narrow discipline. So we welcome any special interests, expertise and nerdiness. Don’t keep it hidden!

We value feedback and insights from our users. Based on science, clinical psychology and user experience, we strive for self-awareness and understanding the needs of our users. We all engage in analysis, measurement, predictions and evaluations. This is not left to management, but informs our every decision.

We value feedback and insights from our colleagues. Create it, get feedback, iterate it. Our work is a continuous process and to not get stuck, we need the opinions from our colleagues. Furthermore, it’s always a pleasure to brainstorm together and develop ideas you could hardly come up with alone.

We empower competence, autonomy and connection. We are all individuals and work differently – and there is room to do so. You can do whatever you need to unfold your competence and feel autonomous. However, we offer great opportunities to stay connected, get to know and support each other – and let the team spirit inspire you.

How we work

Daily Stand Up. We have a daily stand up, where we say “Hi” and make sure, no one is losing their mind, while working remotely. Besides, we share what we are working on, communicate any insights that might be interesting to the tribe and celebrate successes.

Content Brainstorm Hour. We have a weekly content hour, where we get together to run ideas by each other, ask for feedback and talk about pressing issues. It’s really meant to be very low threshold. No overpreparing or holding back. So if you ever ask yourself, “Is this a good idea?” this is the forum to find out.

Content & Research Afterwork. Once a month, we meet to discuss the hottest topics gen x, millenials and gen z know about: Netflix shows, podcasts, vegetarian recipes and board games.

🎯 Mission & Objectives

The Content & Research Team takes care of the development of our content on the inside (our programmes) and outside (on our website) as well as making sure that our products are safe, effective and enjoyable to use.

Team Objectives

Our specific team objectives for 2022 are to...

  • drive up engagement with high-quality content on our website.
  • design an internationally competitive programme experience.
  • expand reimbursement opportunities for our products.
  • improve adherence, satisfaction and effectiveness of our products.


Obviously, different disciplines are part of making our courses, but we’re still a science-based mental health company. If your expertise is not in science or mental health, then every bit of energy you put into understanding how basic science principles guide us, how the mental health care system works or what mental health issues humans struggle with is to your (and HelloBetters) benefit.

You don’t need to become a psychologist or researcher, but broadening your awareness in a science-based mental health direction is never a bad thing (also for your own wellbeing!). This is also how we see the Content and Research Team: We want to inform and support colleagues, who are interested in finding exactly the right wording, really understand what users deal with in their everyday lives or how to implement our courses.

Sometimes we can be a little extra, when it comes to data, terms and wording, but we really care about being accurate and using sensitive and inclusive language. If you ever have a question about any science or mental health-related topics, we are psyched to help you!

Current Projects

Our current projects and tasks include…

  • developing content for our programmes
  • conducting research on and incorporating the newest scientific findings on adherence & effectiveness into our products
  • writing blog articles for our regular and expert blog (editorial team)
  • designing and conducting high-quality clinical research trials (e.g. randomised controlled trials)
  • giving input to other teams such as Product, BizDev, Marketing or Services with our strong background in psychology, psychotherapy, research & media
  • making sure we comply with our regulatory processes such as risk management or post-market surveillance
  • producing video and audio content for our programmes and beyond
  • creating content for our social media such as Instagram

… and many more!

💡On a more personal note...

As of March 2022, we are 20 team members and are one of the largest teams at HelloBetter. To get to know us a little bit better, we have gathered some personal data and interesting information about us as a team!


Together we are 587 years old and we hope we have some wisdom accumulated during this time. This is comparable to the age of the printing press which was invented by Johannes Gutenberg around 1440. We’ve come a long way since then!

But don’t worry, we feel much younger! Our median age is 29!

Office Space

Our cumulative (remote work) office space is 330 m² (or 3552.09 ft²). This is roughly the size of 60.000 Post-Its combined together. On top of that, we also have two nice offices, one in Berlin and one in Hamburg where you can meet us working from there.

On the shoulders of giants

Throughout our academic and job lives, we’ve seen many places. As a team, we learned or worked in 48 different cities and villages. Take a look and feel free to ask for travel tips!

We like to move it!


We moved flats 7.1 times on average (SD = 3.48) in our team. This shows easily how many roads lead to Rome HelloBetter.

Fun Fact: While having a strong presence in Berlin and Hamburg, 15% of our team are working from other places. Some are even working from outside of Germany.

Favourite Office Drink


65% of us favour coffee, 20% favour mate. While we have a strong preference for coffee, we more than welcome anyone with another taste. Great, that there are free cold drinks and coffee in the office!

Favourite Energisers

We love the concept of energisers as those activities that give us energy. Have a look of our team favourites.


Guilty Proud Pleasures

Like anyone, we also have some guilty pleasures and we like it! Everyone is different and that is great! Get to know us to find out which of us likes what.


  • M&Ms
  • Häagen-Dasz & Gin Tonic (but not at the same time ;)
  • buttered pretzels
  • having too much coffee
  • the Shirin David ice tea 🥤
  • "I can eat a whole pack of Kinder Country without any problems".
  • wine tastings
  • Halloumi
  • Cookies (especially VellGoods cookies sent from HelloBetter)
  • Order food instead of cooking
  • Eating in bed
  • Eating dessert before (or even instead of) dinner


  • listening to couple podcasts
  • listening to dramatic music and imagining my life as a movie
  • K-Pop
  • True Crime Podcasts


  • Bachelor(ette)
  • Gntm
  • Watching the Bachelor
  • Watching Trash TV
  • Watching "Mord mit Aussicht"
  • Watching Law and Order: SVU schauen
  • Trash TV
  • Trash TV (in any degree of trashiness)
  • reaction videos on trash tv :)
  • Watching Bridgerton

Other Activities

  • tracking all weird aspects of my body and mind
  • Researching hours on something, without even doing the thing I'm researching
  • Twerking
  • Buying too many kitchen utensils
  • Owning too many cookbooks
  • very frequent use of my hot water bottle
  • wearing yoga pants all day everyday
  • Dungeons and Dragons
  • I love to watch hours of trailers of movies on Youtube that I will never watch (preferably horror and RomComs)

Favorite Ice Cream

As diverse as we are, are our tastes for ice cream. We’re glad that there are so many ice cream shops.

  • Chocolate Cookie
  • Dark chocolate
  • Pistachio
  • Strawberry yoghurt with chocolate chips
  • Mango
  • Cookie Dough
  • Lemon
  • Pistacchio
  • Vanille
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Dark chocolate
  • Häagen-Dasz Vanilla Caramel Brownie
  • Stracciatella
  • Liquorice
  • Yoghurt-Rasberry
  • Stracciatella
  • Amarena Cherry
  • Raspberry-Mint
  • Coffee
  • Stracciatella

We are pet-friendly

A reflection of our team would not be complete without recognizing those creatures that often share the remote work spaces with us: pets. 25% of us got at least one at home and 60% wish they had one.

Maybe it’s time to get an official HelloBello?

And last but not least... we’re thankful for our team!

We like working together as a team and there are many things we are thankful for within our team.

Have a look at what means the most to us!