Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

This page is maintained by @Joanna Ciecierska (Head of People & Culture), @Florence Chouet (People & Culture Manager).

Why is it important to us?

Our goal at HelloBetter is to include and support all human beings, whether it’s within our company or communicating with our users, readers of our blog, followers on social media, health care professionals, or our partners. We are not only open for and respect differences, but we highly welcome them. We are aware that the diversity of our team – whether concerning our gender, age, nationalities, sexual orientations, or abilities – is important to respond to the needs of the people we want to address and support. Therefore, we invest time and effort to educate ourselves on the topics of diversity, equity and inclusion. We aspire to do much more and over the next months, we are going to invest more time to transfer the knowledge into practice and fill this page with life.

What do we currently do?


Diversity and inclusion starts from a healthy workplace. At HelloBetter the baseline for ethical behaviour, fair and equal treatment are the standards set by our Anti-Harassment Policy.

With this policy, we want to send a clear message that there is zero tolerance to any form of unethical behaviour. We treat any form of misconduct very seriously. We share this policy with all our new colleagues joining HelloBetter. This way we want to make sure that from day 1 all our employees adhere to these standards.

Anti-Harassment policy is also a useful tool in the situation when something goes wrong. It explains the procedure to follow in case of any misconduct. This includes the anonymous online form.

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Inclusive language

In all our communication, we emphasise the great importance of inclusive language. It applies to our products, our blog, social media, and internal communication. We use gender-inclusive language to represent gender diversity and to avoid discrimination.

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Visual language

We also try to show a great diversity of people in our visual language through the stories of our fictional course partners within our products. That means, these fictional testimonials reflect different age, gender, origin, symptoms, coping strategies, goals and problems in the implementation of the exercises in order to allow maximum identification for the participants.

Special Paternity Leave for non-birthing parent

HelloBetter also has a special paternity leave for non-birthing parents. That means the non-birthing parent is eligible for an additional 10 days paid leave immediately postpartum. Globally.

Eliminating gender pay gap

During hiring, we as a team strive to eliminate the gender pay gap. Therefore, we pay additional attention to ensuring that compensation of new hires and employees with comparable positions and comparable experiences are paid equally across gender, sexual orientation, background and ethnicity according to our Salary Bands.

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Educating / Raising awareness

We want to learn more about Diversity and Inclusion, so we have invited an external Diversity expert who took us through what we really mean by diversity and why it matters. The whole company was invited to this event. This topic has evolved a lot in the last years, and thanks to our guest we could learn more about the different dimensions that exist, especially as it pertains to sexual identity, sexual orientation and race. We have also discussed how to turn this knowledge into practice. Lesson learnt, now time to action it! Stay tuned!