Employees surveys & interviews

Employees surveys & interviews

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TL;DR: In this page you can find out what do we do to gain our employees’ feedback on different people processes and working environment.


Onboarding satisfaction and effectiveness

Our People Team oversees the onboarding process for our new team members, ensuring a smooth transition into their roles. To achieve this, we are sending an onboarding feedback survey to our newcomers a few weeks into their journey with us. The primary aim of this survey is to assess whether our new colleagues have the necessary resources, information, and support to foster confidence in their positions. We also want to understand if they feel welcomed at HelloBetter and in their respective teams. Furthermore, we eagerly seek any suggestions on how we can enhance the onboarding experience, valuing every valuable hint or tip.

What do we ask about in the feedback survey?

Example of Onboarding Satisfaction Survey Questions
  1. How satisfied are you with the onboarding in general?
  2. Was the information you received before your first day helpful and clear?
  3. Is there anything that was missing that would improve your first day at work experience
  4. Do you have all the relevant equipment to do your work right?
  5. Was your supervisor prepared well for your arrival?
  6. What do you like most about your onboarding experience so far?
  7. Please rate the following statements: [I feel welcomed @HelloBetter]
  8. Please rate the following statements: [I feel welcomed in my team]
  9. What could we change or add to improve the onboarding experience?

Responses received

Below is a small excerpt from the feedback (Jan 2022 - Jan 2024):


Stay interview

Since May 2022, our People & Culture team is conducting individual interviews with new team members after their 3rd month at HelloBetter. The primary goal of this initiative is to gain insights into how our new colleagues are adapting to their roles, whether their expectations are well-defined, and if they're receiving the necessary support, including regular 1on1 sessions and feedback from their managers. These interviews offer a platform for a deeper understanding of each individual's role and allow us to address their specific needs. During these interviews, we also discuss the growth opportunities within HelloBetter and the support available (i.e. Personal Development budget). It’s also a great opportunity to sustain a great working relationships and share that People Team cares!

Example questions we ask during the meeting

Stay interview questions:
  1. How do you feel at HelloBetter?
  2. Onboarding - general intro to the company. Was there any key information missing in your initial company introduction training that, if provided, would have boosted your confidence at HB in the first weeks?
  3. Please evaluate onboarding to your role (on the job-training).
  4. Please rate the following statements: [I feel welcomed in my team]
  5. How effective do you find your collaboration within your team?
  6. Do you have your 1:1s happening regularly?
  7. How would you rate the 1on1 meeting and its structure?
  8. Is the 1on1 meeting helpful to you?
  9. Do you feel supported by your Direct Manager?
  10. Do you receive regular feedback from your Direct Manager?
  11. Is this feedback helpful (structured, development, operational, mgr prepared)
  12. Is your Direct Manager asking for feedback for themselves?
  13. How is your work-life balance at the moment?
  14. Please rate the following statements: [I can be myself @HelloBetter]
  15. Do you see yourself working at HB in the next 12 months?
  16. What 3 things about HB do you like the most?
  17. What 3 things about HB do you dislike?
  18. Based on your current experience, how likely are you to recommend working at HelloBetter to others? Why?
  19. Is there anything needed / any support?

What have we learnt so far from Onboarding process review?

These initiatives enable us to proactively identify and respond to any support needed while continuously enhancing the effectiveness of our onboarding programs.

While the feedback surveys yield satisfactory results, there is consistently an opportunity for improvement.

👂Here is what our Newcomers point out to us that could be better:


Actions taken

👉🏾  We take these suggestions very seriously and we are working on the process improvements. One of the initiatives implemented as a result of these suggestions is the above mentioned Stay interview with our People & Culture Team. These conversation will help us to react much quicker to any challenges or uncertainness and adapt the support to the individual needs.

👉  Another action we will be taking is introducing specific onboarding sessions dedicated to specific teams. We will use our People Tool Leapsome to create interactive learning journeys to ensure a smooth landing into their role.

Follow the link to learn more about our Onboarding process

Exit interview

In any organisation, it is not uncommon for a cooperation with colleagues to come to an end. Some may depart by our decision, as we believe it is in the best interest of both parties to conclude the collaboration. Others may choose to move on for their own reasons.

For those colleagues who decide to leave, we take immediate steps to explore whether there's any possibility of retaining them. If no such opportunity exists, we initiate the offboarding procedures to ensure a seamless transition for all parties involved.

A crucial part of this process is the exit interview, which is conducted by our People & Culture Team.

Why does this matter to us? The exit interview represents the final opportunity to collect an honest feedback regarding the departing employee's experience at HelloBetter. It enables us to understand the reasons behind their departure, assess working conditions, gauge the company culture, benchmark against industry standards, evaluate the effectiveness of leadership support, and obtain suggestions for potential improvements within the company. This is a valuable learning experience for us, offering the chance to make meaningful changes for our employees.

Example questions we ask during the meeting

Exit interview questions

Reason for leaving

  • What is the main reason for leaving?
  • Are there any other factors which have influenced your decision? If yes, what are they?

How is HelloBetter doing? How much given area has influenced your decision to leave?

  • Scope of responsibilities
  • Job satisfaction
  • Development opportunities
  • Working conditions (office, remote work)
  • Manager Support (feedback, approachability, regular 1on1s )
  • Manager Effectiveness (clarity of communication, setting clear goals)
  • Manager Integrity (ethics, inclusiveness, fair treatment)
  • Salary and benefits

Work life balance

  • Workload
  • Overtime
  • Stress
  • Stability of employment

What should be changed at HB to make it a better place to work?

Based on your current experience, how likely are you to recommend working at HelloBetter to others? Why?

Lessons learnt so far

  1. Remote work - building personal connection
  • more informal short meetings, in person / remote coffee breaks with colleagues, deepen the relations - all to crucial during the remote work to feel the connection on a personal level.
  1. Work-life balance
  • we are all highly ambitious and dedicated to support our customers, we should encourage each other to take more breaks and take care of ourselves and each other.
  1. Knowledge sharing initiatives
  • introduce more opportunities to share the knowledge between employees from different teams, more practical knowledge and skills, that will help us to be more effective.

👉 Please check out this page to learn more about what we are currently doing