Onboarding: Welcome to HelloBetter

Onboarding: Welcome to HelloBetter

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Whether on-premise or remote, we try to create an Onboarding Experience that is as smooth as possible. We want to set you up with the right tools, equipment and information that you can be as successful as possible in your new role.

  • Onboarding starts very early: During our internal hiring kick-off, Hiring Manager and Recruiting Lead define clearly how the interview process looks like and who will be involved. This allows us to transparently communicate during Hiring what and when you can expect from us.
  • Before you join us, you will receive ample information from your Team Lead on what you can expect during your first week. We will also provide you with your login credentials.
  • Prior to your start at HelloBetter, you will receive your welcome package including your hardware of choice.
  • Once you start working for HelloBetter, our HR operating system as well as our People Tool will guide you through the onboarding process with additional information and checklists - but not all on your first day, but step by step.
  • Besides your individual onboarding in your team, we offer you two fully remote onboarding workshops:
    1. Welcome at HelloBetter = get a first insight into our history, mission, strategy and useful tools and sources of information.
    2. People & Culture at HelloBetter = gain an understanding of the company's people development processes, and the principles that define its culture.
    3. Even if only one person joins us, we will have that workshop to give you more context about HelloBetter and what is ahead of us. On top of the workshops newcomers will be invited to our interactive learning journeys in our People Tool. The learning journeys consist of self-study micro learning (short articles, videos), and mini quizzes to be completed.

  • Apart from the Onboarding Workshop, you will receive further training in your first weeks at HelloBetter as part of our Quality Management System (e.g. introduction to QMS & Medical Devices, GDPR, Information Security).
  • The onboarding journey will also include a Product Demo led by our CPO.
  • During your probationary period, we invest a lot of time in 1on1s (8x during your probation period) which we will use to get to know each other, clarify responsibilities and expectations and make your onboarding as transparent and straightforward as possible. We noticed that investing this extra time early on is invaluable for your onboarding experience and we are happy that we receive very good public feedback as well as great responses in our internal engagement survey when we first implemented this.
  • Our People Team monitors the onboarding process of our Newbies. We want to make sure that our new colleagues get all they need to land softly in their roles. In order to do so, we send two onboarding feedback surveys to Newcomers (in the 2nd week and at the end of the 2nd month). In addition to that, our Senior People Manager conducts individual interviews with new colleagues in their 3rd month at HelloBetter. These all initiatives help us to spot and react to any support needed and to constantly improve the effectiveness of our onboarding programs.
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