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Our HelloBetter Help Desk is integrated into Slack and it offers fast support for a variety of topics:

Help Desk - General

Whether its questions regarding your employment contract, payslip, office, company benefits, ... any administrative topics really, including feedback and Q&As about this Handbook: Our internal Help Desk Team will support you as soon as possible!

Help Desk - IT Support

Our Internal IT Support is your contact person in case you have issues with

  • your hardware
  • software (e.g. bugs, access not working)
  • issues with your peripheral hardware

You can also request specific hardware, if you need additional equipment for your work.

Help Desk - Legal

Since May 2020, our General Counsel is supporting our mission at HelloBetter making sure that we are able to serve our customers in a quick, professional and compliant manner. You can use the Help Desk - Legal for ALL requests regarding Data Protection, customer contracts, data processors (Auftragsverarbeiter), NDAs etc.

Help Desk - Mobility Management

For any requests regarding our Fleet, please use this specific Help Desk and our Ops team will sort it out asap.

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