Useful Templates 🚧

Useful Templates 🚧

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TL;DR: In line with our HelloBetter Handbook goal to create a new standard when it comes to transparency and openness and support other startups in our ecosystem, we share below some templates & frameworks we use in people processes. 🚧 We are working hard to make more of our internal guides and templates public.

Table of Contents

🤝 Hiring

Internal document used by Recruiting Lead and Hiring Manager to agree on role’s requirements, timeline, candidate’s profile and recruiting process steps. It is a base for the Job Description document shared with candidates during the recruiting announcement.

Google Sheet document used with exported data from Personio Recruiting to get more precise Hiring Statistics such as Time KPIs, Rate of Acceptance and Channel Statistics.

✉️ Offer Letter

Offer Letter template used during the recruiting process.

📝 Candidate NPS Questionnaires

Candidate NPS Questionnaires send out at different times during and after the Hiring Process, including a Quality of Hire Questionnaire filled out by the Hiring Manager.

Google Sheets document used to evaluate Candidate NPS of the different Candidate NPS Questionnaires.

🛬 Onboarding

The Onboarding Plan helps to structure the first days of the new employee with all the most relevant information present. It is completed by the Manager and shared with the Newcomer on the 1st day of work.

Template of Onboarding Plan used by the Direct Manager and the newly appointed leader to plan the onboarding meetings during the probation period in a new role, goals to achieve during that time, tasks handover and expectations they both have from each other. The aim of this document is to plan what needs to happen and what support the new leader needs to be successful in the probation period.

Onboarding is a process during which Newcomers are welcomed and integrated into the company. It starts from the point of “offer accepted” up until around 3 to 6 months into the role. Of course, this may vary depending on the role, team structure, and the Newcomer’s individual needs. The process timeline shows an overview of the onboarding phases with the key learning steps and activities for Newcomers.

We are aware that scope of responsibility may change over time and as part of a fast-growing startup, this is normal. Therefore, a Manager with each direct report co-creates a JD document for each role and updates it frequently, according to the current status of HelloBetter, the team and individual development needs.

🌿 Development

💬 1on1 log

This document is created for each team member and shared at the beginning of their journey at HelloBetter. It aims to help Manager and Direct Report to prepare to the meeting, structure the conversation and document everything that is happening during the 1on1s. It serves much more than simple meeting notes. It helps to build good relationship between a manager and a team member, by making each party accountable for the topics discussed and agreed during 1on1.

Internal document used for the development and career progression discussions. It provides an overview of Team Member’s strengths and development areas. It defines the development plan, with actionable steps and timeframes. It is supported by a thorough market research for role’s scope, adjusted to the company needs and Team Members development aspirations.

👂🏼 Employees feedback

We gather employee’s feedback on a variety of occasions - during onboarding (after the first weeks at HelloBetter and after 3 months), and during employee departure (exit interview). Additionally, as an ongoing opportunity to share feedback, we have an anonymous suggestion box - where everyone can send feedback or improvement suggestions. Below, we share an example of questions we ask our Team Members during their Onboarding and Exit interview.

Onboarding satisfaction - survey sent to Newcomers after 1st month at HelloBetter

Example of Onboarding satisfaction survey questions
  1. How satisfied are you with the onboarding in general?
  2. Was the information you received before your first day helpful and clear?
  3. Is there anything that was missing that would improve your first day at work experience?
  4. Do you have all the relevant equipment to do your work right?
  5. Was your supervisor prepared well for your arrival?
  6. What do you like most about your onboarding experience so far?
  7. Please rate the following statements: [I feel welcomed @HelloBetter]
  8. Please rate the following statements: [I feel welcomed in my team]
  9. Please rate the following statements: [I know what is expected of me]
  10. Please rate the following statements: [I like the tasks I am working on]
  11. Please rate the following statements: [I feel valued at HelloBetter]
  12. Please rate the following statements: [I can be myself @HelloBetter]
  13. Please rate the following statements: [I am proud to work for HelloBetter]
  14. Do you feel like you work in an inclusive place?
  15. What is the frequency of the 1on1s with your manager?
  16. How satisfied are you with the quantity of your 1on1s?
  17. What do you like about the 1on1s?
  18. How can we improve the 1on1s?
  19. Do you receive feedback from your manager?
  20. Is the feedback helpful?
  21. Is your manager asking for feedback for themselves?
  22. What could we change or add to improve the onboarding experience?

Stay interview - in-person interview after 3 months in a role

Example of Stay interview questions
  1. How do you feel at HelloBetter?
  2. Were your role and responsibilities explained well enough during the recruiting process?
  3. Are you doing now what you have expected?
  4. If not, what is different? why?
  5. Onboarding - general intro to the company. Did you miss any information after your 1st week that would help you feel confident at HelloBetter quicker?
  6. Please evaluate onboarding to your role (on the job-training).
  7. Do you have your 1:1ns happening regularly?
  8. How do you evaluate your manager's support?
  9. Do you receive regular feedback from your manager?
  10. Is your manager asking for feedback for themselves?
  11. Is this feedback valuable?
  12. How's your workload?
  13. How is everything going with the people you work with/on your team?
  14. Is there someone in your team that you can ask a question or for help?
  15. Are you happy with your career track?
  16. Do you feel like you can use your skills and talents in your role?
  17. Did you have a conversation with your Manager about your development?
  18. Do you see yourself working long-time?
  19. What 3 things about HB do you like the most?
  20. What 3 things about HB do you dislike?
  21. Is there anything needed / any support?

Exit interview - in person interview with voluntary leavers

Example of questions asked during exit interview

Reason for leaving

  • What is the main reason for leaving?
  • When did you start looking for a new job
  • Are there any other factors which have influenced your decision
  • If yes, what are they?
  • Did you speak to your leader about your potential leaving the company?
  • If yes, what was the outcome of your talk?
  • Is there anything we can do to change your decision?

How is HelloBetter doing? How much given area has influenced your decision to leave?

  • Salary and benefits
  • Scope of responsibilities
  • Job satisfaction
  • Development opportunities
  • Working conditions (office, remote work, tools, teamwork, time pressure, working hours)
  • People management (feedback, work evaluation, manager’s communication and support, ethics, fair treatment)

Work life balance

  • Workload
  • Overtime
  • Stress
  • Stability of employment

What should be changed at HB to make it a better place to work?

What feedback would you give to your manager?

Would you recommend HelloBetter as a good place to work? Why?