Investors & Funding

Investors & Funding

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In March 2023, we announced the extension of our Series A bringing our total funding to 20M €.


  • Founded: 2015
  • Funding (research): 10m Eur
  • Funding (investment): 20m Eur
  • Stage: Series A


HelloBetter goes a long way or how it all started...

We have been a profitable company since 2015, and have raised around 10 Mio Euros in grants for research projects. Our founders started more than 10 years ago and are really pioneers in the digital mental health space who started in the pre-smartphone era when no one believed it is possible to create effective online cognitive behavioural training.

After raising seed in 2019, we are very happy to have raised Series A in October 2021 with three new international investors:

“With HealthCap, Expon and Sparrow Ventures we now have backing from a consortium of experienced international investors. Together, we aim to build the European market leader in prescription digital therapeutics, helping to advance the mental health care system by providing highly effective solutions for prevention as well as treatment of mental health conditions. Our long-term goal is to make our products accessible to everyone worldwide,” says Hannes, co-founder and CEO of HelloBetter.