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Marketing Team

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Welcome to our Marketing Team Space at HelloBetter!
Open Positions
No open positions for our team at the moment. Please check our page regularly for new openings, or send us an unsolicited application directly. 😊
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🤗 About us

We are a creative, interdisciplinary team that combines design, technology, social media, SEO, and many other exciting fields. Our common goal is to spread the word about our evidence-based digital therapy programs and provide effective immediate psychological help to anyone who needs it.

✨ Meet our team:

🎯 Saman

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Saman started in May 2022 as a CMO and his supporting HelloBetter’s growth overall, especially on the patient side. He has 12y+ experience with various startups (e.g. Delivery Hero, Babbel, 8fit) in the early stage phase and also founded 2 companies before. The last company was in the holistic chronic care space where the goal was to help patients via a team of doctors and therapist via telemedicine. Due to his passion for health and combining mental and physical health he decided to join HelloBetter and leads all marketing efforts with a great and lovely team of 8 people.

💻 Marketing Tech


Lead Product Manager Web

Susie started to work in June 2020 as a Product Manager responsible for the HelloBetter website and is currently the team lead of the marketing tech team.

She works closely with the team of developers, designers, the whole marketing team and all the other internal stakeholders to drive all topics of the website forward with not only a user but a team-centric mind.

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Web Developer

Thanos works as a web developer for the Marketing Tech and he’s responsible, along with Kevin, for all sorts of technical marketing-related tasks: from web development for the promotional websites of HelloBetter to providing coding solutions to operational problems. He’s been coding for over 16 years and he likes technology because it makes people’s life easier and allows them to have more time for the stuff that’s important. He’s passionate about relationships, sexuality (he’s a certified sexological bodyworker), diversity and inclusion 🏳️‍🌈 , sound and music.

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Web Developer

Kevin was already involved as an external service provider in the creation of the online presence of the website for the GET.ON Institute in 2018. Together with Johannes Schatz, Christina Pausch and Anne Lexow, he developed and built the new website for as an UX and frontend architect. Since autumn 2020, he is a permanent member of the marketing team and, together with Thanos and Susie, he focuses on user experience, frontend and backend challenges as well as DevOp to manage the entire AWS web server infrastructure of HelloBetter's marketing websites.

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Junior Marketing Designer

György joined HelloBetter in October 2020 as Marketing Designer responsible for the design of the website, social media, ads and basically every marketing-related visual. As a designer who wants to support a truly meaningful product - that can help others find a way out when they feel lost, he feels he could not be on a better place.

📈 Performance Marketing


Performance Marketing & SEO Manager

Anne is a Performance Marketing and SEO Manager at HelloBetter. She is responsible for B2C E-Mail Marketing as well as Social Paid Ads. With over 10 years of experience in Online and Offline Marketing she can support on very different tasks throughout the Team.

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Senior Performance Marketing Manager

Sari joined HelloBetter in May 2022 as the Senior Performance Marketing Manager. His main responsibilities include developing, analysing and scaling the performance marketing channels as well as implementing reporting & tracking infrastructure.

Throughout his agency and in-house career, Sari has developed experience in various online marketing disciplines including online advertising, email marketing, and data analysis. Originally from Beirut and arriving to Berlin in 2015, he found his passion and focus in Performance marketing.

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💬 Communications & SEO


SEO/Content Manager

Fee works at HelloBetter as SEO and content manager. She is orchestrating the editorial process, which includes the overall editorial planning for consumer topics, optimising articles and landing pages and (re-)publishing them. Besides that she works together with Marketing Tech to keep the websites up to date and optimised for users and search engines alike.

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Scientific Writer

Juliane, a clinical psychologist and licensed CBT psychotherapist by trade, works as a Scientific Writer and Digital Health Marketing Psychologist. She coordinates the expert blog, sends out the HCP newsletter and writes articles for the B2C blog and the expert blog. She's also responsible for other Health Marketing related tasks like the cooperation with doctors platforms. Juliane is passionate about making psychological knowledge and psychotherapy accessible to everyone and finding new ways to strengthen people's mental health.

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Senior Social Media Marketing & Communications

Marie has a master's degree in psychology, is a systemic coach and yoga & mindfulness trainer. She works at HelloBetter as a senior communications & social media manager.

Marie is a creative one-stop-shop when it comes to concepts, campaigns and words. She creates content for our B2C (social) channels, produces a Youtube video here and there and is also involved in the editorial process. She is all about zeitgeist, aesthetics, relevance and holistic health.

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🧠 How We Think & Work

We are a bunch of mission-driven young (❤️ young at heart) people who come from different countries, speak several languages and have different cultural backgrounds - so it's just natural that we work together with open minds and open hearts. Communication is key. We are deeply connected through our mission - to make digital mental health therapeutics accessible to all - but also through our strong wifi connection.

We don't know exactly how, but honestly we've built really amazing relationships with each other. No, actually we do know how - it’s because everyone on this team is not only eager to succeed, clever and disciplined - each of them is truly kind at heart and we care about each other.

We've grown as a team, and we work efficiently hand-in-hand also across teams - because that is all possible while working remotely.

We are the fusion between our scientists, psychotherapists, our products and the outside world - our customers. We translate science into branding. We build the connection between company and people in need. We create the first touch points and spread awareness so people can get to know HelloBetter and get the help they so urgently need.

What we do:
  • Web Development
  • B2C Communication
  • Health Marketing
  • Performance Marketing
  • SEO & Editorial
  • Social Media
  • Marketing Design
  • Campaigning
  • Cooperations
How we do it:
  1. Compassionate
  2. Thoroughly
  3. Mission-driven
  4. User-oriented
  5. Collaboratively

🪄 Tech Stack


Other tools and software we use in the Marketing team

  • Asana (project management)
  • Mailchimp (newsletters)
  • Figma (design mockups)
  • Google Analytics / Google Tag Manager (tracking)
  • Hubspot (CRM)
  • Adobe Creative (design)
  • Google Drive (shared documents)
  • Confluence (documentation)

🎯 Mission & Objectives

Mission The marketing team has the goal to actively drive the growth of HelloBetter by pushing via B2C and B2B activities. HelloBetter should become the most known and trusted brand by health practitioners and patients for digital therapeutics. Team Missions

Our mission is to generate traffic, trust and conversions by providing the most relevant and most helpful content for users. We help them get the help they need by giving professional advise. We strive to be the most well-known domain in the field of psychology in Germany.

Health Marketing

Our mission is to become the most known DiGA manufacturer amongst doctors and psychotherapists. In addition we aim to create added value for doctors and psychotherapists by providing them with relevant professional information, studies, new developments and continuing education to improve the quality of psychological care structures.


Our mission is to raise awareness and empower people to get the help they need. We decode science and translate it into branding. We create a lovebrand and spread the word

Marketing Tech

The mission of the Marketing Tech Team is to implement and develop ideas and concepts in a user-friendly way all across our website ecosystem.

Performance Marketing

Be the growth engine for the marketing team via online channels to support B2C and B2B reach

Current Projects

  • Push B2C traffic via online channels
  • Get visibility in HCP communities
  • Generate a lot of organic content and convert them better
  • Overview of all design assets & projects
  • Optimize web pages and implement new features

Meeting Structure

Marketing team In order to align on prios and tasks and to facilitate information flow within our team while working remotely we have the following recurring meetings:
Daily Standup for all - Mon to Fri (Tech Team joining Mon and Wed), max. 30min

Each team member can report in a set order on:

  1. Updates
  2. Current focus topics
  3. Blockers, challenges and questions to other team members
Marketing Team Sync - Bi-Weekly on Wednesday, 1:15 h
  1. Status of OKRs and projects
  2. Alignment on next prios
  3. Learnings and achievements
  4. Insights from one sub-team
  5. Blockers, challenges and ideas for solutions
  6. Organisation of team meetings and events
  7. Open feedback
Recurring meetings for sub-teams
Weekly Editorial Jour Fixe

Alignment on editorial planning between the Content Team and sub-teams of the Marketing Team (SEO, Communications and Health Marketing)

SEO Bi-Weekly

Updates and alignment on reports, improvements and prioritised measures

DVG weekly

Together with BizDev team members to align on DiGA strategies and initiatives

Recurring Marketing Tech meetings
  • Daily Dev meetings
  • Weekly Sprint planning meeting
  • Weekly end of sprint week review
Weekly Performance Sync

Alignment on ads, reports, improvements, budgets and optimization