Rituals & Events

Rituals & Events

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🗓️ Upcoming Events


Frequent events

🙌 All-hands

Bi-weekly Wednesdays, 3-4:00 PM All

Our bi-weekly company All-hands meeting happens on every second Wednesday. Here is where we come together to talk about our goals, wins and challenges. In late 2021, we streamlined the All-hands structure to make it more worthwhile for every participant!

Current structure usually goes as follows:

  • Welcome message by our co-founder & CEO
  • Client numbers
  • Team updates (achievements, learnings, focus topics, blockers, questions)
  • Birthdays & anniversaries
  • Team updates (new joiners, leavers, promotions)
  • Inspiring quotes submitted by team members

🙌 Ask Management Anything (AMA)

Bi-monthly during All-hands All

The concept of AMA was introduced in 2021 and it is a great ritual to improve internal communication and alignment. Using a form every single team member can submit in writing any question that is on their mind. During AMA the stage is also open for ad-hoc & follow-up questions. Management will present the answers during AMA and provide written responses as well. The overview of all submitted questions & answers is available to every team member. The range of questions is really broad - here is just a excerpt:

  • Knowing what you know now, what 3 things would you have done differently?
  • How are you?
  • What measurements does HelloBetter take to ensure equal pay and help close the gender gap?
  • What is the (ideal) strategic Vision for HelloBetter for this year 2022?

🗿 Thank God It’s Tuesday

Monthly All

  • This is a monthly casual team fair, starting at 5 pm.
  • Various teams are given time to give a presentation, hold a discussion, share an idea or an update on topics related to their work.
  • It’s an opportunity to learn from each other and celebrate the diversity of the challenges we overcome as a broader team.

🎳  Social activities & groups of interest

With diverse teams come also a variety of interest & hobbies. If you a passionate about sports (#hellosports), you are a food-lover (#hello_butter), or you simply adore animals (#hellobello) - you will find at HelloBetter some fellow colleagues sharing this these interest with you. Check our dedicated slack channels and join some cool activities at work or have some fun together after office hours.

Infrequent events

💫 Company Mega Retrospective (experimental)

Yearly All 5-7 hours

All HelloBetter folks come together for a major team event to kick off the new year.

We take a halt, look back and reflect on the last year about the things that went well and didn’t go well to constantly improve our culture.

Let’s get us ready for a smooth ride into the new year!


Identify the most important themes and questions we need to ask ourselves as an organisation to become the best workplace and to set us up for success.

  • We do lot’s of team bonding activities
  • Every team performs a retrospective (What went well? What didn’t go well?) of the entire past year and shares their discoveries with the group
  • Together we are going to identify our common top themes and areas for improvement e.g. Well-being, communication, remote...
  • We brainstorm the top questions we as an organisation need to ask ourselves to get us ready for a smooth ride into the next year

Post the event

Working groups can be formed to develop solutions for our top focus areas.

❄️ Winter Party

At the end of every year, we all come together to celebrate our experiences, achievements, and highlights of the passing year. Cheers! During Pandemic times (if allowed), we celebrate in 2G + company paid PCR test.

🍢 Summer Party

What is a Summer without a Summer Party? 2021 we crashed our office and partied until 6 am. Let’s see what the next years bring!

🥳 Virtual Team Events

Each team has budget to host virtual team events. Using our Lieferando vouchers, your team can get something nice to eat while you catch up virtually.

We have summarised a few of 🎲Our favourite online games you can play as a team.