Why do people leave us?

Why do people leave us?

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At HelloBetter, we value transparency and understand that not everything is always perfect or easy. To maintain our commitment to openness, we’d like to share the reasons behind our colleagues' departures.

We hired 37 people in 2023, and at the same time a couple have left us:

  • 3 colleagues who quit
  • 4 colleagues who we let go

The colleagues who left us in 2023 made the choice for the following reasons:

  1. Pursuing Better Career Prospects: Seeking roles with better career advancement opportunities or alignment with their personal career goals.
  2. Career Changes or Further Education: Exploring new career paths or pursuing further education as alternative paths.
  3. Seeking Higher Salaries or Development Opportunities: Looking for different development opportunities or higher compensation packages.
  4. Exploring Different Responsibilities: Seeking roles with different scopes of responsibilities that better match their aspirations.
  5. Leaving for Educational Purposes: Taking time off for education, rejoined in 2024. 🎉

We let go of colleagues in 2023 for the following reasons:

  1. Position Cancellation: Due to a hiring freeze and evolving business needs, we had to cancel a position before the individual's start date.
  2. Skills Mismatch: During the probation period, it became clear that the required skills for the role's seniority level were not met.
  3. Start up Environment: no hands-on, problem-solving mindset and self-motivation essential for thriving in our startup environment.

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