Why do people leave us?

Why do people leave us?

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We believe in transparency, and the truth is, not everything is always perfect, nice, happy, and easy. To be transparent, we would like to share the reasons why some people have left HelloBetter.

We hired 70 people in 2022, and at the same time a couple have left us:

  • 7 colleagues who quit
  • 7 colleagues who we let go

(Note: Limited contracts are not counted in (temporary contracts, e.g. internships))

The colleagues who left us in 2022 made the choice for the following reasons:

  1. Personal reasons, such as obtaining an exciting job opportunity or a change in career path.
  2. Seeking a hybrid work model with office locations outside of Berlin or Hamburg.
  3. Preferring a corporate environment over a fast-paced startup environment.
  4. Seeking different development opportunities or higher salaries elsewhere.
  5. Seeking different scopes of responsibilities.

We let go of colleagues in 2022 for the following reasons:

  1. If the required skills for the seniority of the job were not met during the probation period.
  2. If the individual did not demonstrate the hands-on, problem-solving mentality and self-motivation necessary in a startup environment.
  3. If the role's expectations did not align with the person's strengths. Additionally, we transferred one person from one team to another to provide a better growth opportunity that matched their skills.

Would colleagues who left recommend HelloBetter as a good place to work?

  • Yes

β†’ Why?

  • People-driven, passionate & motivated company
  • Company purpose
  • A good place to work
  • Nicely structured start-up
  • Good development for therapists
  • Work Atmosphere
  • Salary
  • Transparency
  • People team effort regarding HelloBetter culture

How do colleagues who left us rate HelloBetter?