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Welcome to our Product Team Space at HelloBetter!

🤗 Meet the Team / About us

The product team is currently 6 people strong – we’re a small bunch, but we get a lot done!

Pierre 💡

Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer

Pierre is leading the product management team at HelloBetter. His move to mental health came from a realisation that most users from his previous company (8fit) were using the fitness app for their mental health rather than physical appearance. Before that, he was CPO of MONOQI and then General Manager of their B2B unit. Pierre studied Management at the LSE and at HEC Paris.

Marion 🦸‍♀️

Product Manager

Marion joined the team in April 2024 and is based out of Lisbon. With a background in psychology and neuroscience, along with experience in digital health across large tech/pharma companies and startups, she brings her own perspective to managing products that support mental health. She is the responsible PM for the red squad in the Engineering setup.

Tanja 🧙

Product Manager

Having worked in various digital areas such as consulting, communication and operations, Tanja knew for some time already that product management was her cup of tea. With a Master's degree in Information Studies, which further deepened the various areas of product development, she joined HelloBetter in November 2021 and is the responsible PM for the blue squad in the Engineering setup.

Nina 🔍

Product & User Researcher

Nina joined HelloBetter in April 2021 and is responsible for exploring and analyzing user needs, motivation, and emotions in relation to our products. Her goal is to be the spokesperson for our users and include them in as much of the product development as possible, i.e., through surveys, interviews, focus groups, our innovation circle, usability tests, or workshops with our team. She’s a Psychologist and CBT psychotherapist by trade and has a passion for video games, outdated meme GIFs, and dystopian novels.

Jade 🎨

Senior Product Designer

Jade joined HelloBetter in April 2021 and is responsible for the design of the HB service across desktop and mobile platforms. She also looks after the entire brand look and feel across channels. Originally from Australia and arriving in Berlin in 2019, Jade has an agency background in interactive design. She’s also an avid hiker and photographer outside of the design space.

Paul 🏓

Lead Product Manager

Paul joined in June 2022 after working on another mental wellbeing app for 18 months. As a PM team lead, he cares for the health of his team and the health of our platform. He loves working on products that help people become better version of themselves and has spent 20 years on the product side at various large and small companies. After work, he plays 🏓 🏸 with his son and 🥾 ⛰️.

🧠 How We Think & Work

Some of our principles for working together include:

“In a growth mindset, people believe that their most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work—brains and talent are just the starting point. This view creates a love of learning and a resilience that is essential for great accomplishment.” (Dweck, 2015)
  • We value ownership and giving everyone enough space and autonomy to be able to grow
  • We believe that everyone’s voice should be heard, and everyone’s perspective counts, no matter their seniority or hierarchy level
  • We believe that mistakes are inevitable if you’re doing something worthwhile. “Failure” can be a valuable opportunity to receive feedback and learn.
  • We walk the thin line between pushing innovation and respecting the regulatory processes and boundaries that are set for us

🎯 Mission & Objectives

💪 Team Responsibilities

Our ambition is simple: to build the world’s best mental health product!
  • Making sure our Product helps users to stay on track and complete their course, even during stressful and busy times
  • Making our users feel happy about our product and their experience with the product
  • Making it easy for our users to share their progress with their doctor or psychotherapist (if they wish to)
  • Helping users to implement their learnings from the program into their day-to-day by staying active between sessions
  • Exploring our users’ needs and pain points, learning about their wishes and what does (and doesn’t) work for them
  • Aligning and prioritizing our Product Road Map and deriving new product initiatives based on our users’ needs, as well as other Teams’ requirements

🚀 Current Projects

  • Improving the user experience during Onboarding, and first steps in the product
  • Improving the Symptom Check, and the Symptom Check results overview
  • Enabling users to complete their course units on their mobile devices

Our Rituals

Product Weekly To align and update each other on our current initiatives (as well as catch up on non-work-related chat) we have a weekly hour meeting. This is typically remote, occasionally in real life when we’re all in Berlin at the same time. 🧍🏽Daily Stand up We work closely with the Tech team, so during our shared daily stand-ups, we make sure to quickly align our work and keep each other updated on current tasks, and possible road-blockers. 🍿 Inter-squad Demo Every two weeks, the red and blue squads meet with the whole Product Team to show off and showcase their work, and what they’ve accomplished in the last two weeks. For example, showing off which designs have been implemented, which features have been updated in the product, or what API changes have been completed. 🥪 Team lunch If we happen to all be at the office at the same time, we like to go out together, grab lunch, and chat about everything besides work: travel plans, Dad jokes, our lives in crazy Berlin in general. 🔎 Retrospectives To echo our planning/refinement meetings at the start of a project, we also meet at the end of a project/phase with all the team members involved and review ‘what went well’ and ‘what can be improved’. We then extract a few action items to be tracked by the project lead. This is also how we grow Better!

🤝 Learn more about us

We value each other not only as co-workers, but also as human beings who have rich lives and interests outside of work. Here’s a little peek into our personal backgrounds.

🌍 Where we’re from

Even though we’re a small team, we’re a very diverse bunch. We’re currently all located in Berlin, but we’ve lived and worked in many places all around the globe:

👍 What we like

📺 📚🎬 TV shows, books, and movies

We can definitely get our nerd on, sometimes. Here is a selection of our favorites:


🔋 Our Energizers

These are some things that give us back energy after a long week, things that we enjoy doing in our free time.

Involving users/patients in our product development