Remote-first Culture

Remote-first Culture

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We are remote-first, office-friendly. 🏝️🌆🛖

What does that mean exactly?

In January 2022, we made a decisive move to embrace a remote-first work model as a permanent setup at HelloBetter. This approach prioritizes remote work but continues to value our vibrant office locations in Berlin and Hamburg for tackling creative and complex challenges.

We are committed to building a comprehensive remote-first culture that transcends geographical boundaries, ensuring that our team can collaborate effectively from anywhere. At the same time, we recognize the unique advantages of our office spaces and support relocation for those who wish to immerse themselves in our Berlin or Hamburg offices.

Our goal is to provide a flexible and inclusive environment where location is secondary to innovation and teamwork.

Global Hiring

Our employees can be based in any location within a +/-4.5 hour range of Central European Time. We provide full employment in your home country through a global payroll provider, with salary bands adjusted accordingly.

💰Salary Bands


Almost all communication and meetings take place online. Our main tools for this purpose are Google Workspace, and Slack.


Employees are treated equally and have access to similar perks and benefits (such as 📈VSOP (Virtual Stock Option Plan)), no matter where they work from. The benefits depend on the country of your employment, but through our global payroll provider, we aim to offer equal levels of benefits across the globe. We will specify this in your offer letter.

Local Presence

We are a company that values remote work while also maintaining an office-friendly environment. This means that we support team members to relocate to either Hamburg or Berlin if preferred. Our offices are used for quiet work, cross-team workshops, creative projects, and personal catch-ups.

🛬Relocation & Visa Sponsorship

Short-time remote work from other EU and non-EU countries

We introduced a flexible remote work policy for our colleagues in Germany, enabling them to work from other countries for a specified duration:

  • Within Europe: Up to 90 working days per annum (no carry over)
  • Outside Europe: Up to 30 working days per annum (no carry over)

Ensure you obtain approval from your manager and the People Team min. six weeks before starting your remote work. We will then supply you with all the necessary paperwork.

This policy is designed to provide our employees with greater flexibility while ensuring we meet regulatory requirements. We look forward to supporting your remote work needs!

Local Work Requirements for Specific Teams

Please be aware that different teams within our organisation have unique operational needs. As a result, some teams must remain on-site or within Germany due to the nature of their work.

Team Events

We host regular events tailored to each team, held both in person and remotely. The frequency of these events varies by team, ranging from weekly to monthly, or quarterly.

In addition to team-specific gatherings, we also offer company-wide events and rituals. When attending events in person, you will receive a budget for travel and accommodation.

Please note that participation is optional, and you are welcome to maintain a fully remote approach if that suits you best.

🎈Rituals & Events


What happens when during my employment I want to change country?

If you want to relocate to a different country, please let us know 3 months in advance for final approval by your supervisor, and we take care of contractual aspects. Please consider that the adjusted salary bands and location factors apply (💰Salary Bands).

Do you support my home office setup?

We support you with a home office basket: your hardware, monitors, keyboard, mouse and everything you need in this regard.

Do you provide a budget for co-working in my city?

Right now, we do not. We are currently testing WeWork with the idea to potentially roll out our membership on a global scale.