Remote-first Culture

Remote-first Culture

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We are remote-first, office-friendly. 🏝️🌆🛖

What does that mean exactly?

At the start of 2022, we went all in: Remote-first (not remote-only) will become our permanent setup. We began the process in January 2022 to develop a comprehensive remote-first culture while maintaining a strong presence in our German locations. We value our office locations for creative and complex challenges, but we believe that location is secondary. Therefore, we are dedicated to creating a remote-first culture at HelloBetter.

Furthermore, we value our local presence in Germany (Hamburg & Berlin) and encourage relocation for those who are interested.

Global Hiring

Our employees can work from anywhere within +/-4.5 hours of CET. We offer full employment in your home country through a global payroll provider. Adjusted salary bands apply.


Almost all communication and meetings take place online. Our main tools for this purpose are Google Workspace, Zoom, and Slack.


Employees are treated equally and have access to similar perks and benefits (such as

), no matter where they work from. The benefits depend on the country of your employment, but through our global payroll provider, we aim at offering equal levels of benefits across the globe. We will specify this in your offer letter.

Local Presence

We are a company that values remote work while also maintaining an office-friendly environment. This means that we support team members to relocate to either Hamburg or Berlin (see Relocation & Visa Sponsorship for more information) if preferred. Our offices are used for quiet work, cross-team workshops, creative projects, and personal catch-ups. We are committed to both locations and will expand our offices as necessary to accommodate more team members.

Short-time remote work from other EU and non-EU countries

We have introduced a policy for colleagues working from Germany, which allows them to work from other countries for a limited amount of time. However, different teams have different needs:

There are some teams within our organisation that due to the nature of their work will stay on-site and/or in Germany only. Whether it is Office Management, Patient Support or Sales, there are certain teams that require a local approach.

Team Events

We organize regular events for each team, in person and remotely, with frequency varying depending on the team (weekly, monthly, or once a quarter).

Additionally, we have company-wide events and rituals listed on the Rituals & Events page. Join events in person, and we will provide you with the necessary travel and accommodation budget. Participation is not mandatory if you prefer a 100% remote approach.


What happens when during my employment I want to change country?

If you want to migrate to a different country, please let us know 3 months in advance for final approval by your supervisor. We would take care of the contractual aspects of such a move. Please consider that the adjusted salary bands and location factors apply (


Do you support my home office setup?

We support you with a home office basket: your hardware, monitors, keyboard, mouse and everything you need in this regard.

Do you provide a budget for co-working in my city?

Right now, we do not. We are currently testing WeWork with the idea to potentially roll out our membership on a global scale.

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