Compensation & Benefits

Compensation & Benefits

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Remote-first culture with offices in Berlin and Hamburg.
Public Holiday Adjustment: We compensate for public holidays that fall on weekends, additionally to 28 vacation days.
Free & Subsidized Gym subscription services with Classpass, Urban Sports Club or FitX.
Additional 10 paid leave days for non-birth parents after the birth or adoption of a child.
Various opportunities for growth with your own 1.000 Euro annual training budget. (€500 for working students)
Choose the hardware you need for your work.
Transparent💰Salary Bands.
Tenure based paid time off - up to three additional days
Unlimited working contract.
Free access to HelloBetter Products for yourself, friends & family.
Tax-deductible pension plan with an above-average Employer’s contribution for employees based in Germany.
Regular team and company events.

Transparent Salary Bands

We are working hard to promote equality and transparency in our organization. To achieve this, we have developed standard salary bands that take into account the different living costs of our remote team members from all over the world.

During the hiring process, our team is committed to eliminating the gender pay gap. As such, we pay close attention to ensure that compensation for new hires and employees with comparable positions and experience are equal regardless of gender, sexual orientation, background, or ethnicity within HelloBetter.

Learn more:

💰Salary Bands

VSOP (Virtual Stock Option Plan)

We want you to take part in making HelloBetter a success: So you should also get your piece of the cake!

Learn more:

📈VSOP (Virtual Stock Option Plan)

Personal Development Budget

In addition to the internal learning opportunities, we also support individual learning needs. To promote your personal development, training and growth, we provide you with an annual 1000 Euro budget (working students, interns and 520€ positions: 500 Euro when they stay equal or longer than 6 months at HB) that you can invest in yourself. The budget cannot be transferred to the next year.

Learn about 🌱People Development framework.

Physical Fitness (Free & Subsidized)

We partner with a variety of companies to provide each employee with the physical fitness benefit that best fits their needs. Please be aware that you can only use one of those listed benefits simultaneously.

Urban Sports Club

We partnered with Urban Sports Club to provide you with a seamless way to use many different sports activities of your city. We subsidise your monthly USC membership with 35,7 Euro / month. Just visit our unique landing page and book your subsidised membership:

  • If you already have a USC membership, just contact their customer support and let them know that you are part of GET.ON.
  • The 35,70 Euro subsidy is paid directly to USC, you only have to pay the difference depending on which membership you choose.
  • Monthly notice period & option to have a break


Together with Classpass we offer a German-wide fitness package. Depending on what your needs are, you can choose between the free membership or adding additional credits from your own pocket:

  • €0 per month for 22 Credits (paid by HelloBetter)
  • €25 per month for 44 Credits
  • €55 per month for 72 Credits

Sign up via using HelloBetter’s company code.


FitX is a chain of fitness centres in Germany. If you are interested, you can become a member and HelloBetter pays for the full membership. The only caviat: The membership is at least 12 month. Please request access via 🆘Help Desk.

Free HelloBetter Services

We provide you, your friends & family with access to all our products for free (up to 3 codes per employee)!

Pension Plan (betriebliche Altersvorsorge)

Together with our partner, we offer you an attractive pension plan that helps you prepare for your retirement.

Our pension plan comes with two benefits:

  • 20% employer contribution on top of your own savings (15% is mandatory by German law)
  • attractive tax benefits

Remuneration Policy

This remuneration policy aims to ensure fair and competitive compensation, acknowledging the crucial role each one of you plays to enable us to achieve our mission to make evidence-based mental health care universally accessible, affordable & effective.

🌟Remuneration Policy